What’s your backup service like then? I’ve heard that most backup companies are the same.

We think our online backup service is fantastic, but don’t take our word for it – ring up for a free trial! We’re competitive and offer the same of service as for our broadband service – see www.ukonlinebackup.com or ring for more details.

I have broadband with BT, why shoudl I change to 8086, are you cheaper?

Actually, we’re very competitive – however, most customers love the fact that they don’t have to ring a call centre if they have a query or problem with their service. We accept calls at our office which are then relayed to an engineer who will typically respond within the hour. This allows you to put down the phone and get on with some work instead of sitting ion hold racking up the phone bill.

Can we have a ‘proper’ email without paying money for loads of equipment?

Yes and no, it’s relatively easy to make the same email appear on several computers for instance, but it’s never the same as having a system where the computer on site addresses ‘global’ email depending on who’s logged onto whichever computer. It’s not all bad news though, we do a very cost effective solution that can sit right on your PC using very few resources. Please ring us for more details.

How can 8086 help me?

We can act as the IT department you don’t have to employ, rather than pay a full time wage we can come in only when required. For companies with their own IT staff, we can, if needed liaise and advise as necessary.