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Our client remote support tool is available from the Client Area of the website. Please call 0115 8800286 and choose the option for Technical Support.



Hardware Procurement, warrantee and Repair

When it comes to IT, you'll find that we're a true one-stop-shop. Besides our comprehensive Business IT Support, we can also offer you a range of laptops, desktops, server and network hardware. We can also offer extended warrantees for major manufacturer equipment.




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We also offer a range of excellent refurbished laptops and desktops from the HP Elite range. Warranteed for a minimum of a year, extendable for the life of the laptop, these units bring performance to your staff for less money. Units are supplied with new hard drives, they perform and look like a new computer.

Anti Malware and Security Services

Your business needs security provision so you don't lose what's most important - your data. From Cyber security awareness training and testing for your staff, to anti malware (Anti virus) software, we aim to protect you from threats inside and outside your organisation. We'll be pleased to offer a demonstration of our security dashboard, and security awareness testing and policy making platform which we can customise to to suit your business.

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  • User accessible dashboard
  • Best practice User training
  • Security simulations for your staff
  • Create digitally signed policies for users.
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Email alerts

Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Plans - from £15 per month

As part of your team we will plan with you what measures need to be put into place to protect you should the worst befall your business. We realise that without your business data you have no business, and will apply a belt and braces solution with regular reporting and checkups to make sure that you are covered against fire, theft, flood, or those mistakes which seem to happen just when you don't need them.

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How your backup works

  • Local desktop, laptop, server or other storage devices are installed with our secure client software - an encryption key is kept securely by you and ourselves.
  • You make a choice about what you'd like backed up and the data selected for backup
  • The data is automatically backed up via a snapshot in time technology and sent to our secure datacentre.
  • The backup is replicated and them backed up again at as second location.


  • Automatic and secure
  • competitive fixed price plans staring at only £15 for 25GB
  • multiple file versions available - store for days weeks or years*
  • minimal data transfer and fast backup
  • Data stored securely offsite
  • Monitoring and support
  • Data stored only in the UK and EU in unreadable encrypted form
  • Annual test restore to ensure integrity*
*See backup service terms